In real estate, the ability to capture and keep home buyers is paramount.

Our Buyer Showing Team is comprised of three (3) components and includes agents from various real estate companies around town.

This organized network is what allows us to show homes in as little as 30 minutes!
A critical component of our success lies in our  commitment to providing home buyers one-stop shopping convenience and concierge-style service...
While our Buyer Showing Team concept is one of a kind, we don't rely solely on one tool to give our member real estate agents a competitive edge.

Our home buyer leads come from many directions...

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Of the 100s of real estate service providers in town, only one-fourth will be selected as members given referral recommendations from our member real estate agencies.

Would an extra 10, 25, 50 home buyer referral opportunities each year be a profitable addition to your bottomline profits?

Continue scrolling down... learn how we plan to generate over 9,000 home buyers annually and how you can pick up referral recommendations from our network of Realtors.
As an example:

In the Homeowners’ Insurance category, our policy is to recommend two (2) qualified insurance agents to our home buyer clientele.

We do this as part of our value-added, Platinum Buyer Service that pulls out all the stops in providing service and convenience.

You can receive qualified referrals (by rotation) when our Realtor-members write accepted offers in your area.
Each time one of our home buyers negotiates a successful purchase contract, we provide them names of various service providers who can assist them in completing the purchase.

By law, Realtors are forbidden to accept any fee, reimbursement, kick-back or anything of value in exchange for recommending our home buyer clientele to our preferred service providers.

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For more information contact Michael Ford at 314.414.2020
or Aaron Linn at 314.414.3030.
Introducing "RESPN"...
The Real Estate Service Provider Network.

RESPN is operated by Compass Realty Systems for use by Realtors.

The Realtors we serve share a common goal to provide one-stop convenience and concierge-style service to their home buyers and home sellers by offering reliable, reputable, pre-screened service providers.

If you provide a product or service
to homeowners we invite you to join.

Membership is free.  Referrals are free.  No costs whatsoever.

Your proven track record and commitment to providing
reliable service to our home-buyer clientele is our only criteria.
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